Pomegranates. The psycho fruit.

Here for such a short time, that delectably frustrating fruit.
I'll obsess over the holiday arrival of my favorite super food for months. But once they arrive, carefully packaged in crates and bins at the local produce mart, the sweetness becomes cloying and I can't help but reevaluate our relationship.

Sure pomegranates look great, all shiny and red, sporting that weird crown shaped sepal thing, but are they really worth the effort?
You know I look good.
For one thing, you CANNOT multitask while eating a pomegranate. They demand all your attention. Should you try, the jealous juicy mess that is pomegranate will destroy your entire surrounding area. Keyboard? Ruined. Book? Defiled. Controller? Ravaged.

Son of a...
While you and Pomegranate are together, she will not allow any outside distractions.

Say good-bye to your social life, hobbies, and work productivity.

You can't even speak to another human being without Pomegranate getting in the way. Seeds spitting in all different directions, juice running like blood...

Speaking of which...

You will always look like one of two things while consuming Pomegranate.

A serial killer cannibal, or a zombie in the middle of a meal.

Not undead, just on her second pomegranate.
A seed explosion is practically guaranteed while tearing apart the fruit.

One of them will probably hit you in the eye.

Vitamins and nutrients delivered straight to your face!
They're abusive and controlling, but you know they don't really mean to hurt you. Inside they're really very sweet. As long as you keep things contained in the comfort and privacy of your own home...

Otherwise, things quickly spiral out of control.
You love to eat them in private, but refuse to be seen with them in public. Mostly because they make everything about them, and will create the messiest of scenes.

It's a tricky relationship, and once you feel like you've figured out how to handle Pomegranate in all it's beautiful ridiculousness...

They're gone.

I'm out.
Season's Greetings, Pomegranates.

You beautiful psychos.

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