Bathroom Break

Meet Elsie Lou the Puggle.
Favorite activities include: Eating, being comfortable, playing, puggle snuggling, and eating.
She's a little over three years old now.

This is her as a puppy:
If you aren't overwhelmed by a desire to cuddle, you may not have been granted a soul.
Thank God she was an adorable pup because potty training was a nightmare.
Almost every day some fresh new hell would be visited upon the floor... or the couch, shoes, cushions, whatever.
Our apartment was fully equipped with hazmat suits and a scrubbing station.
It took a full year before we could leave her at home with any real confidence. But today, she's fully grown and fully trained to know that outside is the place to do her business.

Unfortunately, just because she knows to go outside doesn't mean she knows how to be efficient. Which is generally why I'm late for everything...

It begins with sitting by the door and whining.

- "Mmhhmmmeeeee!"
(I gotta pee, dammit!)

(OMG! Finally!)

(I know I made it seem like I have to go right this second, and I do, I swear! But I need to find the perfect spot first...)

(Maybe over there would be better?)

(Might as well roll around since I'm out here...)

(Okay, okay. Time to get serious.)

(Wait! What's that over there?)

(Omigawd! Is that grass?!


(Ah! It's so good!)
*roll roll wiggle*

(Huh, you look kinda mad...)

(Pffft! Fine, I'll go.... *sigh* always gotta ruin my fun)

(Whatever. Leave me alone. I'm just gonna lay here and pout.)
And fifteen minutes later I've got a huffy puggle and am seriously late for work...

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