It's almost Thanksgiving.

That glorious celebration where we eat until we want to puke, and then swill enough of some awful holiday cocktail until we actually do puke.

Tonight's gut-rot is brought to you by the letter "E".
For "Egg". In your drink. 400 calories worth.
And as we slowly slip into a food coma, we give thanks.
Generally it's for all the usual stuff: family, friends, our health, and our work.

But lets not forget all the smaller blessings that have been granted us, which might not always receive proper recognition on this day of thanksgiving.

For me it's things like...

- Being an hour late for work... only to get there and realize it's Columbus Day.

State paid holiday celebrating a conquering tyrant. Yay!

- Randomly finding one of my favorite childhood movies available for free on YouTube.

Of course it was quickly pulled, 'cause Disney don't play those games.
But it's glorious while it lasts
- Thoughtful strangers

Stuck at a stop sign on a blind corner of a busy intersection. Locked eyes with the driver across the street who was also stopped, but had a clear view. Got a nod and a "you're good to go" hand gesture. Safe crossing. 
Sometimes, people are awesome.
- Ninja Poos

At work when there's only two people in the bathroom. Got to go #2, and suddenly the bowels go all stealth. Not a ripple, not a whiff. Perfection.

Everybody poos. Even ninjas.

- Not living alone. 

Personally, I cannot live unsupervised.
In college I didn't wash my sheets for nine months and at one point was so poor and lazy I did nothing but watch VH1's "I love the 80's" and "Flavor of Love".
Subsisting solely on peanut butter directly from the jar, I licked it off a spork like a crunchy lollypop. For two solid days.

Thank God I live with a person now.

She's smiling through her mental illness.

- Third flush is the charm

Ha! Sometimes patience is a virtue.
Won't be needing you this time!

- Heat guns

Like a hairdryer on steroids, these babies work beautifully at helping scrap paint off hundred year old door trim.
And are oddly therapeutic...

As an added bonus, there's also a real possibility of burning down the house.
Which just makes me feel like a hardcore hairdryer wielding badass...

- Parking phenomenon

Safely finding a spot for your vehicle is a challenge we all face.

More challenging for some than others.
Trying to find a parking space, or any space to park is often an exercise in futility. So when a spot becomes available that's actually near my destination and there's still time left on the meter, it kind of forces a person to believe in a higher power.

And lo!
The Jetta Sedan completed their quest early and was able to make room for another traveler.
For so it is written.

So for all these reasons, plus many more, I give thanks. Especially for small miracles.

Happy Thanksgiving!