Just the Best Things Ever.

I don't care who you are, what you do, or where you're from. This is the the best figurative/literal stuff ever.
Even people who live in grass huts can agree.

5. Bubbles.

F'in eh right doggie. Bubbles are clearly the bomb diggity cats pajamas of the bees knees.
Don't think about that sentence too hard.

Look at these little iridescence delights! I defy anyone to blow bubbles and stay in a bad mood.
For serious. Or pinch bubble wrap without feeling a sense of accomplishment.

What could possibly be better?

Wait, what about...

4. Finding money you forgot about!

You haven't worn those pants/used that purse in at least a week. But what is this??
A freaky fresh $20 spot! Outstanding. Looks like the first round is on me!

3. Unexpected sales

I don't care if you're at Kroger, the mall, or a blacksmiths. We all have a general idea of what our purchases cost, but to get an unexpected $20+ knocked off at the register is just super.

Look kids! Guess we'll be able to buy the name brand mac 'n'cheese now!
But don't forget about...

2. Realizing your ex has downgraded. Significantly.

Is it petty? Yes. But how satisfying is it? Very.

If they at least had a personality you could withhold some of the giggles. But as it stands...
Ah, that is just fantastic.

And yet none of these things can top...

1. Spontaneous sing-a-longs

This is quite possibly the best thing in life. No further explanation needed.

Please enjoy.

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